O Locusu

Locus Workspace opened its doors on May 4th, 2010, making it the longest running coworking space in the Czech Republic.

Locus is an English-language coworking space with members from nearly 30 countries, most of whom call Prague home. It is ideal for non-Czechs are looking for local knowledge as well as Czechs who want to practice their English or just stay connected to an international community.

Locus is designed for freelancers, writers, digital nomads, solopreneurs, and other remote workers and location independent professionals who have been working from home or cafes and who realize they work better and more happily alongside others. We make it easy to get to know other members by offering a host of informal events that all members are welcome to join, from weekly lunches and coffee breaks, to pub nights and poker nights, to productivity-enhancing side-by-side work sessions, to workshops and talks on professional development, and our entire work area is shared by other location-independent professionals.

Many of our members have worked at coworking spaces around the world and it makes us proud to regularly hear that we have one of the strongest communities of any coworking space out there.

Unlike many of the newer coworking spaces that provide large suites of flexible office space for teams where and that target groups of startups, Locus has been designed from the bottom to provide solutions to the challenges that come when you work on your own: loneliness, procrastination, lack of a network of colleagues to collaborate with, go for lunch, ask for help, or motivate.

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