Czech Conversation

Every Friday. Improve your Czech oral skills with other Locus members!

Meets Fridays over Zoom. The 10-person meeting room is also reserved for participants who want to participate from there. For more information or to start attending, send an email to: Andy Wallace: awallace at hotmail dot co dot uk You can try out one class for free. After that, commitment is month by month: participants let everyone know by the start of each calendar month using a shared Google sheet if they’ll miss any (or all) classes for the upcoming month. Other than those flagged classes, each member is responsible to pay for all classes for that month. Members share the cost among themselves based on their relative number of committed hours each month. The teacher charges 600 Kc / hour (there is no VAT), so if there is an average of 4 students per class, it would cost you 150 Kc / 60-minute lesson. That’s pretty close to the average number of paid attendees per class.

  • Date : 01/07/2022
  • Time : 14:30 - 15:30 (Europe/Prague)
  • Venue : Meeting room or Online